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Substance/Alcohol Use

Advice for Parents / Guardians

Adolescence is a challenging and demanding period where youths shape their personality and future.

This is also a period of risk taking where boundaries can be pushed and pulled; substance misuse including alcohol can be a normalised behaviour during this period of discovery. While not all substance misuse is problematic, it can lead to consequences and difficulty in other aspects of life. CSMT have a non judgmental outlook on substance misuse but also believe that substance misuse negatively impacts on the potential of all youths.

If you feel you are at risk or having difficulty coping or are impacted by someone else’s substance misuse, we can help: Concerned About Your Own Use? Answer these brief questions and contact CSMT if you require any support:

  • Do you think your misuse of substances/alcohol is out of control?
  • Does the prospect of not taking substances/alcohol make you anxious or worried?
  • Do you worry about your misuse of substances/alcohol?
  • Do you wish you could stop?
  • Do your friends or family members misuse substances?
  • How difficult did you find it to stop or go without substances/alcohol?
  • Is there consequences to your alcohol/substance misuse (Gossip et al 1995)