About CASP

The Clondalkin Addiction Support Programme (CASP) was established in 1995 by community members, and workers in local voluntary and youth organisations, as a response to increasing numbers of young heroin users in the Clondalkin area.

CASP is a community service for people who use substances, over 18 years of age, and their families from the North Clondalkin area.

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About CASP

CASP has adopted a holistic approach in supporting our clients to achieve an addiction free life, and to support them in reaching their full potential. In addition to providing medical assistance for their addiction, our range of services include key working, counselling, outreach, needle exchange, family support, support and assistance with further education/return to work.and primary health care. We also offer holistic therapies which include, meditation, reflexology, natural facials and massage.

CASP offers support and guidance to family members who are living with addiction in the home, and/or who may suspect a family member of having addiction issues.
In addition to our regular client groups, we also work with homeless persons, offering them outreach services such as hot meals, hygiene facilities, assistance with finding shelter and holistic services.

In essence, CASP provides a service that focuses on the physical psychological, social and spiritual needs of our clients. We are a Community Development Organisation and we are committed to the improvement and growth in the North Clondalkin area.

Our service is open from 9.30am to 9pm Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday mornings for medication only. Please contact us on 01 6166 750 prior to your visit so that we can have a staff member on hand to attend to your needs.

The work of CASP is overseen by a voluntary management committee including representatives from local statutory, voluntary, community and private groups.