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CASP Mission Statement

CASP is dedicated to providing a holistic, integrated, ethically-based, community-focused substance addiction treatment service. Our focus is the physical, psychological, social and emotional needs of people who use substances and their families in the North Clondalkin community who are living with the impact that addiction has on their lives.

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To fulfil our Mission, CASP aims to provide integrated interventions that engage with and make best use of both internal and external resources, including staff, referral agencies, planning and development forums, community groups, finance, etc. This partnership approach with the broader community of statutory, voluntary and community agencies ensures that all stakeholders are included in both the development and implementation of all actions that can positively impact our target group.

CASP Objectives

  • Comprehensive service provision for people who use substances, parents, partners, siblings, and the community members over the age of 18
  • Holistic, progression-based substance misuse treatment in a community setting
  • Support for people who use substances and their families in working towards experiencing the most meaningful, healthiest, and fulfilling lifestyles possible
  • Provision of service-user access to educational, vocational, and self-improvement resources, and support throughout the process
  • Continued development of substance-use prevention programmes, and constant review, monitoring of, and adaptation to changing trends
  • Access to information and supports regarding referral resources offering necessary services to our client groups
  • Engagement and cooperation with other relevant agencies and groups providing pertinent support services
  • Development and maintenance of relationships with relevant state agencies and governmental departments with regard to policies and actions effecting drug and rehabilitation services within the community
  • Supporting service-users towards integration of their own journeys and decision-making processes, and the creation of future opportunities for positive growth and development



  • Outreach Programmes providing support services to people who actively use substances, including weekly drop-ins, needle exchange clinics, home visits, homeless supports, etc.
  • Detoxification/Maintenance Programme provided on a daily basis
  • Day individual and group activity and therapeutic services
  • Comprehensive Family Support services, inclusive of targeted interventions for parents, partners, and related agencies and communities.
  • Weekly Aftercare Group for stable, detoxing, or substance free service users
  • On-site medical care
  • Community Prison Links providing supports both in prison and when transitioning to life upon release
  • On-site Holistic Treatments including Reiki, indian head message etc.


  • Development, implementation, and maintenance of comprehensive policies, procedures, and integrative strategies and action plans
  • Evolution and protection of the organization’s community-focused management ethos
  • Employment and management of staff within principles of best practice, ethical structures, and legal obligations
  • Maintenance of secure resources and financial accountability within the organization
  • Promotion of the highest quality of health and safety regarding staff and service-user welfare, building and grounds, etc.

CASP operates within the principles of transparency, honesty, integrity and fairness and is accountable to the community in which it is present to its service users its community of workers  and the geographical community in which we reside.