CSMT Limerick / Mid West Services

The Community Substance Misuse Team is a multi-disciplinary team, within the suite of services managed by CASP (www.casp.ie) and funded through the MWRDTF. We respond to under 18’s and their families within the Mid West, where substance misuse impacts them.

CSMT Services

We work with youths, families, and the wider community to lessen the impact of substance misuse. All staff here at CSMT are accredited in Adolescent Community reinforcement.

  • Youth Support

    We use the model ACRA to work with you which means we look at everything from substance misuse to family, school, activity, sport, communication and problem solving to help you improve things.

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  • Outreach

    CSMT provides outreach centres throughout the Mid West to respond to local issues surrounding substance misuse: Opening outreach times are reflected by the needs of each area.

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  • Family Support

    CSMT works with your adolescent to improve their quality of life. We do this by working with your adolescent collaboratively, building relationships and trust and looking at reducing negative behaviours in their life.

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  • Concerned Parent/Guardian

    It’s important to stay calm and open-minded. Getting too intense will put pressure on your child, so encourage a relaxed conversation, starting with questions about the ‘bigger picture’.

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  • Subtance/Alcohol Misuse

    Adolescence is a challenging and demanding period where youths shape their personality and future. This is also a period of risk taking where boundaries can be pushed and pulled;

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  • Community Reinforcement Approach

    What is CRA? The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is a comprehensive behavioural program for treating substance problems.

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  • Prevention, Education & Awareness

    To assist individuals and families to develop effective and supportive coping strategies to substance misuse, building on the strengths already in existence.

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