Key Work

Key Workers at CASP assist and support service users on the maintenance programme and outside clients on both an individual and group basis.

On an individual basis, Key Workers perform the following functions;

  • Engaging with the service user
  • Ensuring consent of service user
  • Completing assessment and developing a care plan
  • Advocating on behalf of service user
  • Fulfil care plan actions
  • Work & sharing info with other agencies as required
  • Keeping relevant case notes/records
  • Use SMART Objectives (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time related)
    • Every service user on the maintenance programme is assigned a Key Worker. A Key Worker may work on whatever it is that the service user needs when they present. This could include practical and/or personal tasks, continuing education, return to work, and general assistance and support when and where needed. As long as the area is appropriate there are no restrictions to assistance.

      The Key Worker initially meets with their client to determine what they need and would like to start working on and if appropriate, referral to alternate services. Following this a care plan is developed in support of the client and at their direction. Key Workers meet regularly with their clients to review and update their chosen goals as set out in the personal care plan.

      In working on individual care plans a Key Worker will do the following;

      • Support service users access to relevant services set out in the care plan
      • Establish a clear understanding for service users and providers of each step in any referrals process
      • Support service users at each step of the referral process and follow-up
        • Key Workers will also work with other agencies in support of the service user, with their permission. This can range from interagency meetings, support and advocacy to just making regular contact.

          Key Workers are constantly working to assist the service user in progressing in their treatment and helping them overcome any obstacles which may be in their way.

          CASP client information is treated confidentiality and no information is provided to an external agency without a clients written consent. The Key Workers explains and clarifies confidentiality bounds and limits at the initial meeting.

          Case management inquiries can be initiated through a drop-in visit or by a one-on-one appointment with a staff member.


          The Key Worker Team run a day programme with 1 group offered per weekday from 2 -4pm;

          Addiction focus group -Monday 2 -4
          Cooking -Tuesday 2 -4
          Personal Development -Thursday 2 -4
          Table tennis -Wednesday & Friday 2 -4. and Saturday in Quarryvale Center 2 -4

          If you are interested in attending any of these groups, or attending for key work please contact CASP on 01 6166 750.