CASP Services

Substance abuse includes alcohol abuse and all kinds of drug misuse. CASP is a unique service where a person with an addiction issue can avail of both medical and holistic treatment and/or a combination of both types of treatment.

CASP has services available to the family members of persons with addiction issues as we regognise that addiction does not occour in isolation and effects more than the addicted person. As such we have a range of services available to support and empower family members which, in many instances, can have a positive impact on a loved one's recovery.

CASP provides an integrated, community-based drug treatment service focusing on the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of drug users and their families by providing the following services in a holistic manner:

• Keyworking & Group Support Services
• Family/Partner Support Programmes
• Detoxification & Maintenance Programme
• Aftercare & Recovery Support
• Community/Prison Liaison Services
• Primary health care
• Streetwork & Homeless Drop-In Services
• Community Development
• Needle Exchange Service/Health Promotion
• Therapeutic Counselling Services
•Holistic Healthcare
• Outreach services

CASP is an over 18's service only. We are happy refer for appropriate services for those under 18 years.